Dong Chun Ferry BLOG
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Three-way trip route A line (ie climbing from the north shore): Take Jilin 761, 631 train to Ando or Yanji, and take a long-distance bus or taxi to climb the Ishihara Shih River. You can also climb a bus directly from Jilin City. There are two ways to go from mountain climbing entrance to heavenly place. One is a private guide car (50 won / person), which takes 10 minutes to get to the mountain peaks, while the deteriorating limestone (岳 樺林 帶) Myeonbara 带, and 景景 台) can be seen. On the way, you can arrive in 40 minutes. On the way, you can reach the ice and snow movement bases, Yugok forest, small pond, hot spring group, Tianji waterfall, You can enjoy scenic scenes such as Heavenly Jangang (天池 长廊) and Baojiteok (寶 天 石).Nätcasino


B (Journey to the West), Jilin or Changchun, get off at Songgang River and take a bus, or take a bus directly from Jilin, go to Songdukha and go to Mt. Paektu. This is about 1 hour left and right. On the way, there are scenery such as Daegaya River, Geumgang Waterfall, Mt. Baekdusan, Mt. Changbai Mountain, Takayama Garden, and Nohbaba. C line (climbing from the south), this track is relatively rough and has not yet formed a scale before it should be further developed.